Special tasting area

Focus on your wine region on one day!

Forum Vini will again offer special wine tasting area in addition to conventional booths, where visitors will have the opportunity to get to know your wine region's portfolio in three guided wine tastings focused on a single day of the fair.

The open-plan tasting area in the exhibition hall provides room for up to 60 visitors and is organised entirely by Meininger Verlag. All you have to take care of are the wines and a wine tasting director. We put visitors in touch with your wine region and report in advance on the exclusive wine tasting day event in selected Meininger magazines.

FORUM VINI special tasting: Your wine region
The benefits for you
+ Presentation at South Germany’s leading and largest wine show.
+ Direct contact with visitors.
+ Of major interest: participation in the tasting is free of charge for FORUM VINI visitors.
+ Minimal preparation required: all you take care of are the wines and a wine tasting director and we’ll do the rest.

Communication package for your wine region
• Editorial article in the FORUM VINI Special in Meiningers Weinwelt, 1/2020 edition
• News about the special tasting of your wines in selected Meininger publications
• Inclusion in the show catalogue, on www.forum-vini.de, in the newsletter and on Facebook
• Lots of attention generated in the exhibition hall: huge ceiling sail including individual branding with your wine region

Services included as part of the special tasting
• Area of approx. 60 square metres
• Stand construction including carpeting, tasting tables, PA system, monitor for presentations
• Storage including cooling facilities and preparation area
• Service staff to serve wines on the stand 
• Infrastructure including tasting glasses, water, tasting lists, pens, spittoons, bread
• Meininger Verlag event manager permanently on duty during your tasting session
• Wine logistics provided by Meininger Verlag/Neustadt

Sales Folder Special Tasting Area

Programme price: € 8,000.00 plus VAT 

Stand design
The stand design is an open-plan tasting area with space for up to 60 visitors. With visual and audio support, the speaker is able to present your wine-growing region perfectly and make the wine region a uniquely tangible experience for visitors.

Meininger Verlag is responsible for the entire stand construction including assembly and dismantling.