Spain, Jumilla
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Just 40 minutes’ drive from Murcia city, and one hour from the town of Albacete, Jumilla is one of the oldest appellations in Spain. Its wine is consumed in over 80 countries, and 28 million bottles of it are sold every year. These wines are great ambassadors for the Jumilla region, bring great enjoyment to wine lovers and are winning new consumers in every market.Jumilla boasts a long vine-growing tradition. Ancient seeds of Vitis Vinifera attest to this, alongside utensils and archaeological remains found in Jumilla that date back to the year 3,000 BC, and are the oldest in Europe.The production area stretches from, on the one side, the extreme south-east of Albacete province, through the municipalities of Montealegre del Castillo, Fuente Álamo, Ontur, Hellín, Albatana and Tobarra, to the north of Murcia province, including the Jumilla municipality on the other. The area features wide valleys lined with mountain ranges rising to 1,380 metres.  The total surface vineyard area covers 17,000 hectares (41,990 acres), most of which are dry-farmed and planted with low bush vines in predominantly limestone soils at altitudes that range from 320 to 950 metres.The area’s climate is Continental with Mediterranean influences. Rainfall is particularly low, barely reaching 300mm per year, while 3,000 hours of annual sunshine ensure that vine disease is rare and enable a high percentage of organic farming to be practised. The Monastrell grape variety represents 70% of the wines produced in the Jumilla appellation.

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Power and precision - Highland Monastrell from the DOP Jumilla (engl.)
Esther Gonzalez de Paz - Communication Manager at PDO Jumilla wines

A tour of great PDO Jumilla wines, a high altitude Mediterranean territory in the South East of Spain. The origin of organic farming, and home of the Monastrell (Mourvèdre) variety.



Consejo Regulador Denominación de Origen Jumilla, Calle San Roque, Jumilla, Spain