Corte Martini

Corte Martini
Standnummer: D.51

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Opening the doors of my little winery to you and inviting you to visit the hills of Valpolicella, to stroll amid the olive and cherry trees, while I fascinate you with the story of all the work that goes into every bottle of wine: that's what I love to do! The tour begins in the organically grown vineyard and proceeds to the fruit loft where we dry the grapes, then to the 17th century cellar built of Prun stone, among the aging barrels. I am guided by my love for the land, my artisan's pride and the desire to offer you the quality of authentic Valpolicella wines, to enjoy with our exquisite local cheeses and deli meats.  


Via Martini 3 37024 Negrar di Valpolicella (VR)